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Miroku Uchiha ( うちは みろく . Miroku Uchiha ) is one of the main characters of the series ninja academy. he is a gennin-level shinobi from Kumogakure
Uchiha Miroku


Miroku is the only child of a jounin shinobi named Yoshiro ishidate. because his father was too busy with his job in the military, then Miroku often playing to the residence of Uchiha with Chojuro. shinobi war time 1, Miroku was seriously injured, because enemy forces attacked the village very much. even Miroku had lost both eyes impaled by one of the enemy's sword. then one of the people whose names are not in the know give his sharingan eyes. after a few days Miroku memory loss. and then he realized that it was his sharingan eye.


Miroku very jolly. every day he is always laughing with her ​​friends. Miroku also has the spirit of fire to be the best of the best. He is also very smart. Miroku even able to finish the exam his upperclassmen quickly. and Miroku had a very sincere humility attention, even he can not bear to see a cat kicked. Miroku also known as intelligent advisors. and he is expert in controlling anger.


Miroku is a white ninja who has onyx eyes and chin-length black hair. Her hair is spiky in the back with bangs that extend as the story progresses. As a young boy, bangs hanging over her eyes. Then, they will hang on either side of his face to roughly frame his cheeks and then again back to their original style. Sasuke considered quite handsome like most girls near his age to be very crazy about him.


Miroku was versed in ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu he's known a lot of people with a fairly fast speed. and agility so is terrific. even reflect it was very agile.


  • Miroku often eat a lot but still ideal body size
  • Miroku often read comics brought a tree leaning against a tree trunk
  • Miroku often walking path around the village as he greeted local residents


  • ( To All ) "keep smiling and be patient was undoubtedly all it will result in something positive for you also"
  • ( To Lisa ) "keep smiling and be patient was undoubtedly all it will result in something positive for you also"
  • ( To Chojuro ) "keep trying, because all there was nothing in vain"
  • ( To Lance And Tsurugi ) "keep all your people, because they need a leader who is always there to help"
  • ( To Agatta ) "continue to help the people who need you. because I'm sure until whenever. everything you do will be remembered by everyone"
  • ( To Nagisa ) "'do not keep joking. because all also requires seriousness"