Shiso is girl from sea
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Japanese Name: しそ
Romanized Name: Shiso
English Name: Shiso
Debut: Episode 1
Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates
Occupations: Doctor
Alias: Mrs. Pon
Epithet: "Desert King"
Japanese VA: Sarusa
4Kids English VA: Sarusa
Funi English VA: Sofia
Age: 15
Birthday: Oct 20
Bounty: $41.000.000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Buki Buki No Mi
English Name: Arms-Arms Fruit
Meaning: Weapon
Type: Paramecia


Shiso always wore a short green jacket with a small white shirt inside, and also always wear green colored mini skirt, boots shoes brown colored, always carry a small knife strapped to his waist


Shiso is a woman who is very jovial and chatty, he also has a very high sense of humor, he usually always entertaining his friends with stories



Kisuke is Shiso pet as a baby, the parents shiso give a dinosaur egg for friends shiso, Because The health factor, 2 years after stepping shiso Shiso both parents died, and shiso live with other family and Kisuke, Yoruichi event shiso Considered as his sister

Abilities and PowersEdit

Shiso has the ability to fight in silence, and he also has the ability of medicine, among others, namely, dispensing medicine, healing, knowing the type of bacteria, and so on

Devil Fruit :: Buki Buki No MiEdit

Shiso ate a devil fruit that allows the shiso to change any or all parts of his body into a weapon, even though the user burst, users will blend back into shape early
Buki Buki no mi

Power Of Buki Buki No Mi

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